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A Review Written By A Sex Therapist

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Physical Ejaculation Control Is One Thing!

But You Can Also Developing The Mindset Of A POWERFUL, MASCULINE MAN !

There's another set of techniques in Ejaculation By Command which will allow you to control your ejaculation even when you're at the point of no return, or near the point of climax.

You've probably heard of one already: squeezing your PC muscle. That's often touted as a cure for premature ejaculation.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that people who are recommending this have never tried to use it. The simple truth is it doesn't work.

And even if you read positive reviews from people who claim to have tried it themselves, you can rest assured that they are completely untrue.

Squeezing your PC muscle is not a way to control your ejaculation. It just does not work. But what you can do with it is something much more exciting.

Long before you get to the point of no return, you can contract this muscle briefly (in a certain way) from time to time as you are making love. When you're familiar with this, you can do it unconsciously, without even thinking about it.

By squeezing the muscle ever so slightly during lovemaking, you'll find your erection softens and your arousal goes down.

And that's great for you, because it means you can continue making love and feeling the pleasure of intercourse without any danger of ejaculating.

The secret to applying this technique is in Ejaculation by Command and it's available to you as soon as you buy the product and download the e-book.

In short - you will have the power to go on making love for much longer and be able to satisfy your partner (in other words, you will be able to bring her to orgasm during sexual intercourse).

Happy couple in bed

The Emotional Side of All This

I've already explained that the physical techniques you need to control your ejaculation are provided in great detail, and in a very simple way, in Ejaculation by Command.

And that's wonderful, because when you control your ejaculation and you can last as long as you want in bed, you convey a message to your partner that you really care about her sexual gratification.

Keep in mind that a woman who loves you will really want you to penetrate her, to wrap herself around you as you enter her and thrust inside her.

This meeting of masculine and feminine is one of most profoundly satisfying experiences a man can have in life.

As you do this, you may give your partner the excitement of feeling your powerful masculinity. But only if you feel it yourself.... 

While it's not difficult to find plenty of techniques that will allow you to feel very powerful and masculine – hypnosis, meditation, positive affirmations, and so on - the problem is they take a lot of time. And we're all short of time.

So the good news for you is that the fastest and most effective way to change your sense of your own powerful masculinity, so you feel like a man in every fiber of your being, is to use NLP or neurolinguistic programming.

And all the NLP techniques you need to do this are provided in Ejaculation by Command.

Sometimes men have told me that when they use the NLP techniques, they don't even need physical techniques to control their ejaculation.

So just think about the possibilities which open up to you in that idea. In just 2 minutes day, using some easy and simple self-mind-programming techniques to overcome premature ejaculation, you can become a superb lover!

Wow! How wonderful does that feel!

Bear in mind that it's your job as a man to make sure that you really feel powerful in your job, your relationship, and in your home. And how powerful you feel about yourself as a man manifests immediately in how well you make love to your partner in bed.

If you want the best opportunity for physical control and mental control of both your ejaculation response in bed and your sense of masculinity and power as a man, you are going to give yourself everything you want by investing in a ejaculation by command.

This won't just transform your sex life – it'll transform your life in general.

Women Hate Premature Ejaculation

And if you're still wondering whether all this is worthwhile, don't forget – women hate premature ejaculation!

I don't really like broaching this aspect of the subject because it can be quite distressing. I know you feel bad about premature ejaculation, but I'm wondering how much time you spend thinking about how your partner feels?

Well, whatever, you can take it from me that she hates a quick climax - hates you coming too fast.

premature ejaculation is a problem for both man and woman

Your partner wants the satisfaction of feeling you inside her vagina for the maximum amount of time – for as long as possible.

That way she can feel the emotional connection between you and her.

Sex, for her, isn't just about the physical act of penetration thrusting, although that can feel great. It's also about the emotional connection she feels with you during intercourse.

If you haven't given that any consideration so far, think about this: if a man can't last long enough in bed, it's gonna put a major strain on even the most committed sexual relationship.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that even if your partner says she doesn't mind about premature ejaculation, secretly she does. Secretly she'll be wondering what sex would be like if you could last for 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, in bed.

I'll give you some statistics. The average duration of intercourse is around 5 minutes – although the majority of men come much more quickly than this.

When women are asked how long they would like intercourse to last, they say that their "ideal" view of intercourse would be 10 minutes.

In other words, twice as long as most men last in bed. How satisfied do you think women are with that?

I'll leave you to work out the answer to that yourself!

Now, I've already explained that when you have control of your physical or bodily responses, you can control the rate at which your arousal increases and so last as long as you want in bed.

And this self-control is the mark of a man. The mark of the powerful lover.

But beyond physical control lies a wonderful world of great orgasms and massive sexual pleasure for both you and your woman.

Because, when you can control your orgasm, and YOU HAVE THE RIGHT MENTAL ATTITUDE, you can often time it so that you and she come simultaneously.

Yes, we're talking simultaneous orgasms, the most wonderful sexual experience a man and woman can have together.

Now it's time to make your mind up. You've read my Ejaculation by Command review.

Why not try it? After all, you have nothing to lose: there's a 60 day money-back guarantee.

A Final Word To The Part Of You Which Doubts This

There's probably a part of you at this moment whispering in your ear, saying something like "It won't work" or "It's not worthwhile" or "What's the point of simultaneous orgasms" or "Sex is good enough anyway". And a million other things.

So let me tell you: this part of you is frightened of change. It's frightened of you being a powerful lover, and it's frightened of you stepping into your sexual power.

Yet you, as a man, know this step is not only necessary, it's essential. In fact, you know this is absolutely essential if you are going to fully be the man you were born be.

More to the point, perhaps, it's the only way to be the man who is able to take your woman to the highest levels of sexual satisfaction every time in bed.

Any more problems?

Well, you might be thinking that the book, all 135 pages of it, is a lot of material. And it is. And this is fantastic value for money.

But if I had a criticism of Ejaculation by Command this would be it – it's a little bit lengthy in places! But so what?

You don't have to read everything. Simply choose the bits that are relevant to you. Start with the basics of ejaculation control and move on from there.

You will have realized by now that I'm a real fan of Ejaculation by Command. It's down-to-earth, it's accurate, it's easy to use and it gives you the best (in my opinion the only) techniques that will allow you to control your ejaculation.

And yet there's plenty more as well.

There's lots of information about how to pleasure a woman. There are the keys to sexual pleasure: for example, you can discover why a woman needs an orgasm before you enter her for intercourse.

If you don't know things like this, you lack vital pieces of information every good lover should know about.

Another example: if you get bored with foreplay, you need to read this, because it explains in great detail why foreplay can make sex better for you as well as for your woman.

And above all, Ejaculation By Command gives you the mental attitude of a real man. A man who knows exactly how to treat a woman the way she wants to be treated.

So let me summarize.

In the main e-book alone there are 135 pages of amazing, devastating information that will transform your view of yourself as a lover and give you complete ejaculation control.

You can use the emergency tips for control tonight.

You can use the main e-book or the summary e-book to learn within weeks how to permanently control your ejaculation and get total mastery in bed for the rest of your life.

You can discover how to make a woman crave you in her bed, simply because you offer her such masculine power, both physically and mentally.

You will get hundreds of great sexual techniques which allow you to get the most out of every aspect of sexual intercourse and sexual connection with your woman.

And in addition, you'll have the support of the author 24/7. If you have any questions, send them off by email and you'll get an answer almost immediately.

That's a tribute to Lloyd Lester's dedication to his customers and his willingness to do whatever it takes to get you to the place you need to be, so you can satisfy your woman fully.

So there you have it – and now over to you. Here's the link that will tell you everything you need to know and give you the chance to buy the program..... if you decide that's what you want to do!

Rod Phillips

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How about using antidepressants to control PE?

Hmmm.... not such a good idea, it seems.....

* Though some of these guys have delayed ejaculation problems.

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Video - how not to  control PE!


You might have heard of the possibility of using prescription medications as a means of ejaculation control, and you might be wondering why it's better to use the techniques described in this ejaculation control program than popping a pill.

After all, it is quite easy just go to the doctors, get a prescription, get it dispensed, then pop a pill ..... and before you know it you're lasting, oh… 3 minutes instead of 2. (Yes, seriously. That's the insignificant benefit you get from pills for PE.)

Ah. Not so good, really, is it? And the unfortunate thing is that I'm not joking. The drugs prescribed to slow ejaculation are heavy duty antidepressants .

They interfere with the way your mind works, and you risk getting all kinds of side effects like anxiety, nausea, headaches, diarrhea, memory loss, and worse....and you don't really get much benefit anyway.

It's crazy; it doesn't make any sense. Don't do it.

At this point, you might be thinking, "Well, I won't use drugs, but maybe I could still use a delay spray or delay condoms."

You certainly could, but I strongly recommend that if you're thinking of doing so you click on this link, which will open up a new window, and read about some of the effects that these delay sprays can have on men who try them.

Suddenly they become much less attractive! Either they don't work, or they feel like they're burning the skin on your penis. Not pleasant!

Finally, if you've ever watched a porn film – and I'm guessing you might have done because well, frankly, most men have – you might have wondered how porn stars can go on making love for so long without ejaculating.

The answer is that they use the techniques described in Ejaculation By Command!

I know this is true because years ago, when I was doing a bit of research for my website I talked to a few of these characters and discovered how they operate.

Now, I find the same techniques written down in a program about ejaculation control for men like you.

Bit ironic really, but nonetheless the incredible stamina displayed in porn films* can be yours for the taking. That will certainly change your partner's view of you as a lover!

These techniques are sexually explosive! Powerful, effective, and far removed from wimpy stuff like trying to distract yourself by thinking about taxes or baseball, or using a delay condom, or squeezing your muscles just before you come (and dribble even more pathetically as a result).

By the way, delay condoms mean you have to go on thrusting for up to an hour before you have any chance of ejaculating, and all the time you feel nothing in your cock anyway.

 What's the point of that?

Instead, with Ejaculation By Command you can be right in there with your woman, relishing every moment of sex, pleasuring her in a way she's never experienced before,  and having massive orgasms as well .... possibly at the same time as each other!