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Do you want to make love with complete ejaculation control?

couple with premature ejaculation

Since you're reading this, I'm guessing you suffer from premature ejaculation.

And if you have premature ejaculation you probably want to control it.

After all, when making love to a woman, what matters most is being able to pleasure the woman you're with, being able to satisfy her desires with complete control, and enjoying your own sexual pleasure to the full.

So, how can you possibly know if any Ejaculation Control program on the Internet will do what it claims? Give you complete control of your ejaculation and allow you to last longer in bed?

You probably can't unless you read a review by somebody who knows what they're talking about and can be trusted.

You Have Found A Real Review Of Ejaculation By Command

And that person is me because I'm a therapist who deals with male sexual issues. And among all the work I've done in the last 20 years, I've helped hundreds of men over premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation.

Which means I can tell you how Ejaculation by Command really works, I can explain whether it will help you, and I can offer you an opinion on the quality of the content.

So if you're a man who has little or no control over his ejaculation, and who comes before he wants to and most likely before his partner wants him to read on and find out how you can end these problems premature ejaculation once and for all.

The truth is that the cure for premature ejaculation is in your hands.

And when you think about it, there's a simple and obvious truth about your inability to last longer in bed: you don't know how to stop yourself coming.

And the reason you don't know how to stop yourself coming too soon is the fact that nobody ever explained how to avoid it.

You see, this isn't about your ability (or lack of it) to control your ejaculation. The problem is that you simply don't know how to control your ejaculation. Yet.

So take a breath, and absorb the fact that if YOU want to get complete control of your ejaculation, quickly, easily and for ever. YOU CAN DO EXACTLY THAT!

And you can do it simply by using the right tools and techniques. You won't have heard of these, because they're not widely known.

Fortunately they're all described in detail in Ejaculation by Command, which is an online program for men who want to know how to last longer in bed.

It's written by a colleague and friend of mine called Lloyd Lester.

ejaculation by command main product

Lloyd Lester and I have worked together in the field of male sexuality for a long time, and we've collaborated on many projects. I trust him, because I know he knows what he's talking about, and I know he's dedicated his time to helping men all over the world enjoy better lovemaking.

Now course this isn't just altruistic of course there's some money to be made from helping men. But the question then is: do you get value for money with this program?

Well, my intention is to explain exactly what's in Ejaculation By Command so you can see what you get for your money, and you make a judgment about whether or not it's worthwhile for you.

What you have to ask yourself, I suppose, is whether or not the small price you pay for Lloyd Lester's program Ejaculation by Command is worth the benefits that you will get during lovemaking with your partner.

And don't forget, those benefits extend beyond you your woman will probably be able to reach orgasm much more easily, she'll be much more inclined to make love, and she'll be much happier in your relationship.

It's a beautiful prospect for any man. Plenty of research has shown how a woman who is experiencing regular orgasms and is happy in bed is much happier in life in general, and, to put it bluntly, a much more pleasant relationship partner.

Review Of Ejaculation Control

Anyway moving on, because I think I've done enough to introduce the subject to you. Let's now turn our attention to my review of ejaculation by command. The first thing I'd like you to do is watch this video.

(If you want to check out how you can stop premature ejaculation right now, click here. This link takes you directly to Lloyd's website.)

Review of Ejaculation By Command

When you sign in to the website, you are offered two versions of Ejaculation by Command the standard version and the "platinum" version.

And obviously, as you might expect from the names, when you buy the platinum version you get lots of added value.

This added value comes in the form of information designed to help you enjoy fantastic sex. You get loads of great sexual techniques, better sex positions, and a bundle of sexual tricks that can give massive pleasure to your partner.

The price of the Standard Edition is just under $50 and the charge for the Platinum Edition is a mere $27 more.

According to Lloyd Lester, the value of the bonuses which you get for that $27 is actually $150!

You can make the decision to buy or not to buy for yourself. Because, after all, you can work out whether or not what's on offer for the extra money is something you want to improve your sex life.

All that said, let's keep in mind that the essence of Ejaculation by Command is about developing greater ejaculation control.

And so, with both the Standard and Platinum Editions of Ejaculation by Command, you get nine separate sections in different formats.

Review of the basic edition of
Ejaculation By Command

1 The most important material in this program comes in the form of an e-book and an MP3. This is the Ejaculation by Command program itself.

You might want to listen to the material, in which case the MP3 will be ideal for you. If you prefer to read the material at your own pace, the 135 page e-book, which is easily  downloadable, will be great for you.

Both contain all the information you need to prevent fast ejaculation. Before we look at exactly how this works, I want to emphasize that this is a totally natural route to effective and powerful ejaculation control which is your birthright as a man.

2 The second section is an e-book and MP3 of a whole series of "emergency tactics to last longer".

Of course every man wants to last longer in bed, but it's not always obvious how you can do this.

After all, it's not the kind of thing you learn about from your friends, your father, or even perhaps from the Internet!

Nonetheless, Lloyd Lester has described 15 fantastic and effective tricks and techniques which you can use right now to last longer in bed TONIGHT!

Now you might wonder what the point of this is when you also get the 135 page e-book and MP3 on ejaculation control.

Simple! These are emergency techniques you can use tonight. You can give yourself a head start on ejaculation control, perhaps with a new partner.

But you don't want to be using emergency tactics on a permanent basis.

You want to be able to make love easily and confidently without ever having to think about how you control your ejaculation.

So these are techniques you can use on a short-term basis, while the 135 page e-book and the MP3 you get in part one will allow you to become a long-lasting lover on a permanent basis.

That way you'll never have to think about ejaculating too soon again!

3 Quickstart Guide

This is absolutely essential reading, because it is an abbreviated form of the main 135 page e-book.

Yes, we know you want to control your ejaculation as soon as possible. Sure, you might want to study the 135 pages of the main e-book to get every drop of invaluable information from Ejaculation by Command.

And I'm absolutely sure that right now, you want to get going as fast as possible. So you have the emergency techniques described in section 2 above, and you also have this condensed version of the main e-book, together giving you everything you need to know about the secrets of climax control for men.

4 You also get 2 e-books called Raunchy Sex Secrets and Female Orgasm Secrets.

Look, we're men, and we understand that it's not always easy to take a woman to orgasm.

In fact, it can be quite difficult and challenging. You might even find yourself getting bored as you do this.

And yet you know as well as I do that the only way you can get truly great sex is by bringing your partner to orgasm because that makes her much more willing to give you the ultimate sexual pleasure.

So if you've ever had any kind of difficulty getting a woman to orgasm, forget about it right now!

Your problems really are over, because this information is priceless. You can't put a value on it. Just imagine how amazing and wonderful it will be when you have a set of "tools" and techniques that allow you to take a woman to orgasm every time you make love. Imagine how grateful she is going to be!

5 With Videos, Ejaculation by Command goes much further than any other programs on How To Last Longer In Bed.

So in addition to all the information you get in section 4 above, you also get an entire video series showing you how to take a woman to orgasm, and how to stimulate her G spot.

As you might know, G spot orgasms are very intense, and often provide much deeper and more wonderful satisfaction for a woman.

So before we even get around to the subject of you controlling your ejaculation and lasting longer in bed, you can discover how to make a woman scream with ecstasy as you pleasure her.

And man, oh man, this is no exaggeration. It really works I have tried it myself and I can tell you the effects are amazing.

This is important: the men who really want to be the best lovers they can be, are the men who care about giving their partners the greatest sexual pleasure they can offer. I'm sure you are one of those men, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right here, right now.

If you want to check Ejaculation By Command out right now, click here. It's serious stuff.

bonus with ejaculation by command

There are two more bonuses: a complete breakdown of the best top 10 sex positions for  female orgasm and male pleasure, and a secret" bonus.

This is just so amazing that I want you to experience and discover it for yourself when you sign into the program.

You see, this bonus gives you a fantastic way of ensuring your relationship is as good as it can possibly be.

After all, although good sex goes a long way to helping a relationship, it's not the only thing that matters.

You need to know how to connect with your partner and how to enjoy your life together outside the bedroom.

And that's where this information can help you discover how to make a woman feel really close and connected to you, so that she opens up during sexual pleasure.

Basically, to give you a hint, it's about building trust.

Ejaculation by Command Platinum Edition

In the Platinum Edition of Ejaculation by Command there are five amazing e-books available only with the Platinum edition. And also - loads of excellent videos and audio material.

Beyond Supreme Stamina

This is all about achieving male multiple orgasm.

Yes, contrary to everything you've ever heard, men can have just as many orgasms as women multiple orgasms, one after another.

And the way this is achieved? By enjoying orgasm without ejaculation. Ejaculation by Command naturally leads you to a place of great ejaculation control and, the ultimate place you can go to is orgasm without any ejaculation!

While it's completely optional, it's an amazing experience which might just blow your mind.

Longevity Supremo

And of course although there are physical techniques which can help you last longer in bed, you also need the right mindset.

Longevity Supremo is all about providing you with the mental attitude necessary to be a powerful lover, a man who can take any woman to the heights of pleasure. Beware: this could really produce massive sexual self-confidence!

Penis Supremacy

OK, so we all know that a big hard erection isn't necessary to please a woman. But maybe that isn't the point!

Maybe the point is that it's great, as a man, to have a big hard erection whenever you want one!

And while you can give a woman pleasure, and have her begging for sex, just by being able to control your own  ejaculation, you can do something for your own self-worth and self-confidence by making sure that you have the biggest and hardest erection possible every time you go to bed.

Turbo Sexual Fuel

Did you know that what you eat and how you exercise can have a massive impact on your capacity to control your ejaculation in bed?

Well, you'd better believe it, because it's true. So here you get all the information you could ever need about the best possible "sex foods", nutritional supplements, and levels of good health which will let you to boost your sexual power and your level of desire to the MAX!

Platinum Sex Positions

This is the most amazing collection of sex positions you've ever seen in your life!

The Truth about Ejaculation by Command

attrtactive woman lying on bed

As soon as you look at Ejaculation by Command you can see that the author Lloyd Lester has really put his heart and soul into this work.

What he's doing here is really helping both men and women enjoy the best possible sex. And along with great sex go the highest levels of orgasmic pleasure.

After all, if you're a man with premature ejaculation, you know that ejaculating too soon doesn't make you feel good.

But with Ejaculation by Command you're not going have to imagine what it's going to be like to be a long-lasting lover. You're going to be one.

You're going to move into the space where you understand good sex is your birthright, and long-lasting sex is easy to achieve.

A source of information like Ejaculation by Command could be worth its weight in gold. It's not just a boring manual about ejaculation control or how to delay your climax.

It actually tells you everything you need to know to enjoy really rewarding sex that fulfils you both at the heart level and the physical level.

And the best thing of all about Lloyd Lester's work is that he's brought all this information together in a simple, straightforward package which is easy to understand and easier to follow than any other program for ejaculation control I've ever seen.


I hope you're getting the impression that I'm very much a believer and a supporter of this program and how it can help men last as long as they want in bed.

And you're absolutely right: here's why.

Before I became a therapist and decided to specialize in helping men solve their sexual problems, I was a lousy lover. You know - the classic premature ejaculator. Came within two minutes every time.

Hell no, it did not feel good. But it had repercussions well beyond sexual pleasure or lack of it!

It meant that I had very few girlfriends for more than a few months. I mean, really, when you figure it out it's simple.

solutions signboardWhy would a woman want to be with a two-minute man, a two pump chump, when she can find a good looking guy who's going to make love and satisfy her completely?

So when I look back on my sexual history I feel quite a lot of regret for all missed opportunities. For all the missed sexual pleasure. And all the opportunities to show a woman a really good time in bed.

Inevitably my search for longer lasting intercourse led me to Ejaculation by Command. And I can tell you that it works because it was my own salvation!

And I'm reminded as I write this review for you that in fact men need this help and guidance. The truth, is you're never going to be able to control your ejaculation by fumbling around trying to find a solution for yourself.

But this way, with Ejaculation by Command, you really are going to be able to choose when to ejaculate.

Yes, you read that right:

You can actually choose when to ejaculate during intercourse.

The Power To Choose When You Come During Sex

You may be wondering how on earth any man can possibly make that choice.

You may be wondering how on earth any man can actually make love for his long as he wants rather than ejaculating uncontrollably.

The answer is that with the right tools and techniques you can keep your sexual arousal low enough to give you great pleasure but consistently below the point of no return (that's the point where you know you're going to come and nothing will stop it happening).

How'd you do that? Well, if I told you here, I'd be telling you the secrets of Ejaculation by Command, and I'm not going to do that!

But I will say that when you use the techniques described in the program, you'll be able to control your level of arousal and keep it below the point of no return for as long as you want.

Then, when you're ready to reach orgasm and "release" (come), you can take yourself over the point of no return by using some simple trick that might be harder or faster thrusting, it might be turning your attention to something particularly arousing, it might be having your partner whisper in your ear "F*ck me, come in my hot wet C*nt" Or whatever turns you on.....

But it doesn't matter, because you're in complete control.

And you'll find that you have such absolute control of your ejaculatory responses that you can adjust what's happening during sex so you fire off ONLY when you want to GO!

Revolutionary? Yep. Sure is.

And that's only the first part of Ejaculation by Command.

Read about the next part - developing the mindset of a POWERFUL, MASCULINE MAN here!


Rod Phillips

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How about using antidepressants to control PE?

Hmmm.... not such a good idea, it seems.....

* Though some of these guys have delayed ejaculation problems.

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